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Address for the event on Monday - Be in Surry at 5pm

The Commissioners meeting you will be attending is located at the Surry County Service Center: Address/Map link:  114 West Atkins Str, Dobson, NC Please consider advising other friends and family that you are going to this event and perhaps carpooling with you

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Monday, May 16th

The FAKE NEWS Reporting

Read What They Are Saying About Surry County

Elections brouhaha brings national attention

Surry County Republican leader threatens to fire county elections director who wouldn't illegally give him access to voting machines.

Exclusive: Local election chief threatened by Republican leader seeking illegal access to voting equipment

In a red NC county, a Republican leader claims voter fraud, allegedly threatens election official

Below is the response to the news

Surry County, North Carolina

April 30, 2022

As expected, the Mainstream Media, also known by some as those who willingly peddle propaganda for the globalists, are busy spinning and twisting their tales.

The main focus of their stories has been built around the lie that Dr. Douglas Frank and Surry Co GOP Chairman Keith Senter were attempting to gain access to the electronic tabulators. The truth is that request was never made. Even if it was made, the lie the reporters chose as their focus brings to light the secrecy of our election process: no one can ever “look under the hood”, and American citizens are painted as evil if they want to.

Below are 10 questions that should have been asked and answered. Truths the media chooses to bury & suppress reveal as much as the untruths they choose to print.

  1. The Surry BOE Director agreed to meet with Dr. Douglas Frank and Keith Senter, then a representative from the State Board of Elections stepped in to intervene, stopping Dr. Frank and Keith Senter at the front of he office. The meeting was then held in the lobby area where all must tand, and most curious of all – Dr. Frank’s presentation to Director Huff was censored. Dr. Frank was told by the Director she could not look at anything having to do with Nov 2020. This begs the question – what is the SBOE afraid the county Director might learn?
  2. Although Dr. Douglas Frank holds a Ph.D. in Surface Analytical Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati, is an internationally recognized scientist with over fifty scientific publications, discovered and invented a technique for creating three dimensional images of molecules resting on surfaces in 1990 leading to a cover article in Science Magazine, which is the most read science magazine in the world by scientists, the Reuters reporter referred to Dr. Frank as an “Ohio math teacher.” This begs the question – why are they afraid to reveal Dr. Frank’s credentials?
  3. The State Board of Elections has declared Dr. Frank’s analysis as “debunked”. They do so by pointing to a PoliFact article, as well as to the person they claim knows the State’s “election data better than just about anyone in the state”, Dr. J. Michael Bitzer, Chair of the Department of Politics at Catawba College. According to the college website, Dr. Bitzer “has taught a variety of courses in American politics, public administration and policy, and law and court areas, leadership and globalization.” Although he has no degrees in mathematics, statistics, physics or
    engineering, he explained in an email that if there were anomalies present in the data as Dr. Frank suggests, he would have found them. The offer was made for Dr. Douglas Frank to meet with anyone from the State Board of Elections to explain every detail of his analysis of their elections data, but the State Board has ignored the offer. Again, this begs the question – what are you afraid you might learn about your election system?
  4. Although it’s been reported that no evidence or specifics have been presented to the Surry County BOE, the Director told Keith Senter her office couldn’t receive any challenges relating to the Nov 2020 election. This begs the question – why are reporters given one impression, but citizens are told another?
  5. The Surry BOE Director has denied public access to the Nov 2020 Cast Vote Records (CVR) report, which is very simply a list of all ballots received, the district/precinct of the voter, how it was cast (for instance by mail or in-person), the vote choices on that ballot, and the order those ballots were processed. This CVR text file is simply a representation of how the votes that make up the final, public totals were received. The BOE refuses to release this report. This begs the question – what do you have to hide?
  6. All ES&S equipment and software are proprietary. Citizens can’t inspect them. Legislators can’t inspect them. Board of Elections board members can’t inspect them. In fact, the Elections staff members don’t have a complete understanding of the election system they’re tasked with running. The system is so nontransparent and complex, ES&S technicians must be called on for updates and repair. This begs the question – why is our elections process so ecretive?
  7. Director Michella Huff feels the need to remind the public the Board of Elections does not canvass, and although canvassing is compliant with the law and emanates from the tenets of the Bill of Rights, she asks voters to inquire about the identity and organization of canvassers. She even went to far as to ask that the NC SBOE’s press release be broadcast on social media again. This press release in part states “It is not necessary to answer your door, let anyone inside, or disclose any information about your voter record or private information to anyone who comes to your home.” This all begs the question – what do you not want voters to reveal?
  8. A public records requests was made to the Surry BOE three weeks ago which has still not been filled, another request was made to the State Board of Elections on March 1 which has still not been filled, but when Reuters requests the Commissioners’ phone correspondence, that request is immediately filled. This begs the question, why are the people’s requests for elections information slow walked?
  9. The original news article which had national reach painted Keith Senter as being aggressive, threatening, and hostile, but in the latest news article, Director Huff is reported as saying, “we just had a difference of opinion.” So which way was it? It matters how disagreements are exaggerated and the demeanor of a citizen of Surry County is embellished to reporters. Because…
  10. After the many news articles have been published, GOP Chairman Keith Senter has been left one voicemail to date which threatens violence to him and his family, naming them by name; the voicemail rises to the level that it is currently being investigated by the SBI; his wife’s car was tampered with, and hate emails were sent to his work email and to his employer. The Sheriff’s office is taking extra measures to protect Mr. Senter, his family, and his property. This
    begs the question – are we over the target?

The Board of Elections Director is reported as stating she wants residents to have confidence in the integrity of the election process. How do any of the above actions instill confidence?