Elections Belong To The Citizens

Hello Fellow Petition Signers

Thank You

for signing the Petition for a Full Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election

We are making progress, but much more progress needs to be made, so we could use your help.  In order to be effective we need to have large numbers of petition signers to present to the NC legislature.

Here are some ways you could help:


Very simple to do….  Post the site https://nc-election.com/ on conservative and social media groups you belong to


Although the contacts you forwarded the petition to may have signed it, you could encourage them to forward it to others to reach our goal.  This will allow the results to grow exponentially. We are really only interested in NC signers.


Call your legislators and write them a letter.  Letters are more effective than emailing. Look up you NC legislators here https://www.ncleg.gov/FindYourLegislators by entering your address.


Call your legislators and make an appointment to see them with another person or two from your area. Let them know how important the audit is to you and why.  Review some data points to. You will find this information in the petition and other  data on the website.


Hand out print materials during your daily travels to people you meet. There are several types including business cards and flyers under the Take Action tab, Help Us title.  You could also take a photo of this QR Code and ask others to use their QR scanner to open the petition.


Visit businesses to ask them to display materials for their customers


Hand out print materials in our neighborhood.


Develop a team to cover your area.  You can see how many petition signers you have contacted, if you sign up to be an Affiliate. See the Affiliate buttons below.


Hand out flyers at local community events and festivals or on windshields.


Be creative and let us know what you are finding successful in reaching supporters.


If you would like to participate in a Zoom call to discuss this options and others, Please join this group.


Become an affiliate and get your own tracking link to follow your progress.

Download & Print Banners

MS Word Doc Color Banners

You can print in color, qty 4 per page just cut them out after printing

MS Word Doc Color Full page

You can print this on numeral 8 x 11 sheet of paper.  All you need to do is cut them to get two flyers.  

Word Doc for Business Card to hand out

You can buy and print them on your computer with Avery Label # 5371

MS Word Doc for 2 flyers

You can print this on nomral 8x 11 sheet of paper.  All you need to do is cut them to get two flyers.