Elections Belong To The Citizens

Can you find the modem on this motherboard?

Five Principles For Election Integrity

Jason Intro Video

If you have a group (Any Group in NC) I will present to your teams. Contact Jason@nc-election.com

Problem Video is 40 Minutes Long

Solution Video is 12 Minutes Long


Let's Play A Game.

Can you decide if the 2020 election was Fair, Transparent, Auditable or Deception. Watch the short videos below to decide.

Fair Transparent Auditable Deception

Smartmatic The Philippines

Smartmatic CEO

Dr. Eric Coomer’s Contradictions

Kill Chain: The Politics

Kill Chain: Hacking the EAC

Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story

The Heist

We The People: Ronald Reagan

Election Audits Explained

Risk-Limiting Audits vs. Full Forensic Audits

Kill Chain: The Remote Hack

Kill Chain: The Internet

Kill Chain: The Hack

The Murder

The Spy

What is there to hide? Audit the vote.

Maricopa County Recorder

Adjudication Explained

Kill Chain: What Now?

Kill Chain: The Experts

Kill Chain: A Broken System

Your votes have been stolen with algorithms and computers since 2000.

The Corruption

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, How election fraud have been occurring for the past 20 years

American Voters Exposing ERIC - Winning Big Time!

Election Theft is Real

Explosive Video from Kansas Senate Hearing - Maria Zack's Earth Shattering Testimony

Garland Favorito, Election Integrity Expert In Georgia, Joins Cleta Mitchell

Findings of the Colorado Voting Machine Investigation

Retired Justice Michael Gableman Discusses Wisconsin Election Investigation

Wisconsin True the Vote Hearing: 7% of Ballots Cast at Ballot Drop Boxes Were Trafficked

Another example of election fraud. PROOF

Here's a list of the US agencies and companies that were reportedly hacked in the suspected Russian cyberattack

Microsoft confirmed it was compromised in the cyberattack (videos)

Episode 1 When nation-State Attack

Episode 2 - The hunt for global threat

Episode 3 - Countermeasures

Episode 4 - After-action report

The Big Hack The Big Hack How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

The attack by Chinese spies reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple, by compromising America’s technology supply chain, according to extensive interviews with government and corporate sources.

Did This Happen in the 2020 Elections?

Since the implants were small, the amount of code they contained was small as well. But they were capable of doing two very important things: telling the device to communicate with one of several anonymous computers elsewhere on the internet that were loaded with more complex code; and preparing the device’s operating system to accept this new code. The illicit chips could do all this because they were connected to the baseboard management controller, a kind of superchip that administrators use to remotely log in to problematic servers, giving them access to the most sensitive code even on machines that have crashed or are turned off.

This system could let the attackers alter how the device functioned, line by line, however they wanted, leaving no one the wiser. To understand the power that would give them, take this hypothetical example: Somewhere in the Linux operating system, which runs in many servers, is code that authorizes a user by verifying a typed password against a stored encrypted one. An implanted chip can alter part of that code so the server won’t check for a password—and presto! A secure machine is open to any and all users. A chip can also steal encryption keys for secure communications, block security updates that would neutralize the attack, and open up new pathways to the internet. Should some anomaly be noticed, it would likely be cast as an unexplained oddity. “The hardware opens whatever door it wants,” says Joe FitzPatrick, founder of Hardware Security Resources LLC, a company that trains cybersecurity professionals in hardware hacking techniques.

How the Hack Worked, According to U.S. Officials

Without an Full Forensic Audit of the hardware and software we will never know if our systems have been compromised.

See if you can spot the chip on this board

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4 thoughts on “NC Election Home Page 2”

  1. Jason, just saw your election presentation on Conservative Daily. This is a great site you have created, I especially appreciate all the videos and evidence you have compiled here from different states(just when I think I’ve seen all the election videos, there’s more!) . With so many states going after election fraud it’s easy to lose track of all the evidence that has been uncovered since Nov 2020. it’s important to keep this info accessible so we can compare and contrast how the election was stolen in each state, esp since I believe there had to of been some sort of nationwide coordinated effort. Im in California and have completely lost faith in our elections plus there doesn’t seem to be much of an effort to do anything about it here. It gives me a lot of hope to see the progress you and other states have made….hopefully Ca will catch up eventually. People with the strength and fortitude to go after/expose election/voter fraud are few and far between, so I commend you and your team’s efforts in NC. I will continue to follow your work, keep up the good fight!

    1. Thank you very much. All we want is fair and honest elections in USA. The best man or woman should win the race. Keep up the faith in California, you will see lots more comming. We will not quit until we have honest elections.

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