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North Caronia Legislators that supports Wendy Roger's Full Forensic audit for all 50 states

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Voting System

Whereas the ES&S DS200 tabulator machines widely used in NC have a variety of options that can be used to compromise election security and election integrity.

Whereas it was found in Michigan that ES&S DS200 voting machines have modems installed in the motherboards which can send and receive data making real time manipulation of votes possible.

Whereas research from BlackBoxVoting.org shows:

  • Votes are being calculated as fractions out to two decimal places rather than whole numbers.
  • Votes can be easily manipulated both within the system and externally, if it was desired.
  • The voting systems in NC were connected to the Internet as documented by the connection to the

    election in Rowan County, NC from TN.

Whereas the State Board of Elections approved machines for use in 2020 that were similar to ones previously used without requiring that they go through the full certification process.

Election Results

Whereas Representative Kidwell, Chairman of the NC House Freedom Caucus, reported that “he and his constituents are concerned about unexplained and numerous revisions to county and precinct vote totals in the 2020 election, including unexplained metadata updates and what appears as deletions of vote batches and sudden reduction of number of votes at the county level late in the evening on election day”.

Whereas trends support a Republican victory with an analysis of voter registrations in NC showing “94 of 100 counties trending more Republican from 2016 to 2020”, but only “49 counties on election night trended Republican” with the margin of victory declining by 99,000 votes.

Voter Registrations

Whereas Judicial Watch’s analysis of voter registration data reveals many of North Carolina’s 100 counties have large numbers of ineligible voters on their rolls and nearly one million inactive voters on its rolls.  Judicial Watch announced in April of 2020 that it filed a lawsuit against North Carolina and two of its counties (Mecklenburg and Guilford) for failing to clean their voter rolls.

NC was Targeted

Whereas NC became a target to make changes to voter election procedures including

  • Proposing to grant emergency powers to the State Board of Elections during a “disease epidemic”.
  • Lawsuit settlements which changed voting rules without consulting the legislature. An agreement between the State Board of Elections and a political group allowed extending the absentee ballot deadline, allowing fixing of absentee ballots and allowing drop boxes which circumvented the General Assembly’s requirement for witness signatures. ”The settlement allows board of elections staff to call voters without witness signatures and have them sign an affidavit affirming that they cast the vote”.
  • The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) sent agents into states to recruit certain Democrat strongholds to prepare grants requesting monies from CTCL. “The injection of hundreds of millions of dollars in early summer of 2020 violated legislatively adopted regulatory plans, bypassed adequately funded state electoral programs, and resulted in an unbalanced distribution of funding among precincts”. NC received 5-6 million dollars in grants from CTCL.

Voter Confidence

Whereas, Consider the 2016 Harvard Study “…the United States scores the worst in electoral integrity among similar Western democracies. The US also ranks 52nd out of all 153 countries worldwide in the cross-national electoral integrity survey. ”

Whereas Civitas polling reveals that “fewer than half of likely North Carolina voters (49%) believe next year’s elections in North Carolina will be free and fair, with a full 40% saying no, the 2022 elections won’t be free and fair. The remaining 11% were unsure.” “Only Jobs and the Economy ranked higher at 34%” than Election Integrity at 31% as a public policy issue.

Election Audit

Whereas a Full forensic audit looks at the “legitimacy of three major aspects of the reported election results:
1 – the Voter, 2 – the Machine (voting System Equipment), and 3 – the ballot Process”.

Whereas the General Assembly has the authority to audit election results as has been done in Arizona.

Therefore, I petition for a full forensic audit of the 2020 general election be mandated and funded by 2021 by the NC General Assembly by an independent cyber security firm starting with Wake, Mecklenburg and Durham counties.

NC Legislators that Support Wendy Rogers Full Forensic Audit for all 50 states

Republican – District 6
Currituck,  Dare,  Hyde,  Pamlico

Mailing Address: 102 Orchard Ln Powells Point, NC 27966

Terms in House: 2 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 919-733-5906
Member’s Email: Bobby.Hanig@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 110
Cleveland,  Gaston

Mailing Address: PO Box 488 Cherryville, NC 28021

Terms in House: 6 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 704-473-3468
Member’s Email: Kelly.Hastings@ncleg.gov

Republican –District 117

Mailing Address: PO Box 768 Hendersonville, NC 28793

Terms in House: 3.5 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 919-733-5956
Member’s Email: Tim.Moffitt@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 83

Mailing Address: PO Box 5959 Concord, NC 28027

Terms in House: 5.5 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 704-782-3528
Member’s Email: Larry.Pittman@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 89

Mailing Address: PO Box 416 Catawba, NC 28609


Terms in House: 12 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 828-241-3570
Member’s Email: Mitchell.Setzer@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 1
Bertie,  Camden,  Chowan,  Perquimans,  Tyrrell,  Washington

Mailing Address: 1015 Macedonia Rd Edenton, NC 27932

Terms in House: 2 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 252-482-8168
Member’s Email: Edward.Goodwin@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 79
Beaufort,  Craven

Mailing Address: 53 Elks Rd Chocowinity, NC 27817

Terms in House: 2 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 919-733-5881
Member’s Email: Keith.Kidwell@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 119
Haywood,  Jackson,  Swain

Mailing Address: PO Box 386 Bryson City, NC 28713

Terms in House: 2 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 828-736-6222
Member’s Email: Mike.Clampitt@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 76

Mailing Address: PO Box 2521 Salisbury, NC 28144

Terms in House:6 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 919-733-5784
Member’s Email: Harry.Warren@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 80

Mailing Address: 16 West Jones Street, Rm. 2213 Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

Terms in House: 3 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone:

Member’s Email: Sam.Watford@ncleg.gov

Republican – District 84

Mailing Address: 191 New Sterling Rd Stony Point, NC 28678

Terms in House: 1.5 ( 0 in Senate )
Main Phone: 704-872-7494
Member’s Email: Jeffrey.McNeely@ncleg.gov