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Voting Systems

Whereas the ES&S DS200 tabulator machines widely used in NC have a variety of options that can be used to compromise election security and election integrity.


Whereas it was found in Michigan that ES&S DS200 voting machines have modems installed in the motherboards which can send and receive data making real time manipulation of votes possible.


Whereas research from BlackBoxVoting.org shows:

–  Votes are being calculated as fractions out to two decimal places rather than whole numbers.

–  Votes can be easily manipulated both within the system and externally, if it was desired.

–  The voting systems in NC were connected to the Internet as documented by the connection to the    

    election in Rowan County, NC from TN.


Whereas the State Board of Elections approved machines for use in 2020 that were similar to ones previously used without requiring that they go through the full certification process.